Arco Information: Information Flow Management Specialist

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Arco Information: Information Flow Management Specialist

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Paul Van Coillie, Owner, Arco InformationPaul Van Coillie, Owner
Processing an invoice involves multiple steps that include receiving, sorting, verifying, and tracking it that together take up a significant amount of time. Now, multiply this entire process by the number of invoices a company receives each year, and the result will be a pile of paperwork that costs a fortune. Specialising in the management of information f lows, Belgium-based Arco Information offers a solution, Arco Invoice, which automates this entire process and reduces the cost of processing invoices by 75 percent. The solution seamlessly integrates with the existing ERP and accounting software of companies and provides a continuous overview of every invoice’s status. Arco also offers a suite of solutions for document management, file management, workflow management, mail handling, scanning, OCR, and form recognition.

Arco focuses on the inbound and outbound information f lows and their link to backend systems that are independent of any accounting package. “We try to be a modern postman whose priority is to capture information, process it in digital workflows, and then deliver it,” says Paul Van Coillie, owner of Arco Information. The company employs a highly experienced workforce to cater to its clients’ specific needs related to managing information workflows. Typically, the Arco team develops a blueprint of how its solutions would fit into an organisation’s workflow before moving on to a proof of concept, following which the implementation process is initiated. “Ultimately, the aim is to make sure that invoices and other documents from multiple channels are approved on time,” adds Van Coillie.

At the core of Arco’s solution portfolio is an open platform, called Doma, which features a plug and play data interface capable of integrating a wide array of software such as CRM, along with web services into a single system.

We try to be a modern postman whose priority is to capture information, process it in digital workflows, and then deliver it

Doma facilitates efficient management of digital documents and workflows and also serves as a digital archive that complies with various safety standards to ensure the security of sensitive documents. The platform is highly scalable and effortlessly handles millions of documents, allowing users to locate any document in two seconds and open workflows quickly.

Illustrating Arco’s capability, Van Coillie elaborates how Poppies, a biscuit and pastry manufacturer, considerably reduced turnaround time for processing invoices. The client was looking to ensure efficiency in approving invoices as they earlier employed a manual process to manage their documents. Handling invoices was frequently a matter of guesswork and often took a significant amount of time. However, after Arco deployed its automated invoice solution, Poppies was able to obtain a transparent view of an invoice’s status in just a couple of clicks, which helped accountants and approvers save time in processing. As Arco’s solution was integrated into the client’s ERP software, detailed information regarding any invoice was instantly available. Further, order invoices were directly linked to order details, and if any anomalies were detected, the documents were re-routed to relevant personnel for processing. Incoming emails with invoices attached to them were also processed without manual intervention.

Arco continually enhances its solutions in an effort to provide customers with the latest technology solutions for information f low management. Recently, it has entered into a joint venture to expand Doma’s capabilities, which will, in turn, lead to the delivery of newer solutions. Akin to its name, Arco, which means ‘to bridge,’ the company leverages technology to bring the information and documents f lowing through multiple channels within an organisation, at its staff ’s fingertips and ensure a smooth information workflow.