AS-Lingo: An All-Inclusive ERP System for Financial Process Optimization and Automation

AS-Lingo: An All-Inclusive ERP System for Financial Process Optimization and Automation

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Among the varying facets that determine business success, an enterprise’s financial management strategy plays a vital role in influencing its market impact. Recognizing the significance of effective financial resource planning, Germany-based ASK Application Systems has leveraged its 30-year experience in financial applications to provide an open and platform-independent ERP system, “AS-Lingo” with its focus on financial processes. “AS-Lingo shows the entire financial picture of an organization, highlights exceptional events, and provides better insight into the enterprise’s overall performance,” says Ulrich Keller, Founder & Managing Director of ASK.

Founded in 1989 by Keller, ASK built its ERP solution, AS-Lingo by recognizing the industry trends at the turn of the century, such as intelligent reporting and the need for automation. AS-Lingo’s Reporting System is second to none in the market, as it gives the complete picture of what matters and provides an unlimited number of varying views on whatever decision makers may need to know at any point in time. Its Process Automation eliminates the intense manual workload, where payables and receivables, such as payments and direct debits, are subject to the greatest possible extent of automation. Moreover, to simplify this process, a document-recognition capability for Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) bank statements is integrated in AS-Lingo, which allows payments to be transferred directly into the receivable accounts to enable its efficient and timely allocation for further processing.

Available on the cloud or on-premise, AS-Lingo includes comprehensive capabilities such as issue tracking, document management, quality assurance, project control, and more. Furthermore, the solution’s Document Manager helps businesses to eliminate the need for a separate document management system by consolidating all the documents and information into one central repository. While AS-Lingo’s Job Scheduler gives customers unprecedented control and monitoring capacity over their automated workflows, the Project Control strongly supports the management and assessment of contractual liabilities. And by leveraging these capabilities, AS-Lingo’s users gain the ability to enhance the efficiency, security, and scalability of their financial processes.

AS-Lingo shows the entire financial picture of an organization, highlights exceptional events, and provides better insight into the enterprise’s overall performance

Additionally, with AS-Lingo’s Internationalization functionality and “country plug-in,” users can set the language, currency, tax legislation, and compliance regulations to any specific country. “Customer plug-ins” enable individual customer modules to be delivered without disrupting maintainability. AS-Lingo also offers a “Quick Posting Entry” that helps users update financial journals online in a spreadsheet-like interface for faster and efficient transaction entry. Also, the Import/ Export functionalities allow data types such as XML, CSV, and other formats to be imported for processing of both, master and transaction data. Apart from the comprehensive feature-set, AS-Lingo also offers expert implementation and migration services to help clients with integration facilities and allow them to take full control of their data.

According to Keller, ASK’s consulting offerings bolster the core competencies of its hardware-independent ERP system. Delving deeper into the efficacy of the advisory services, Keller elaborates, “We support our customers in the implementation and migration projects to satisfy the requirements of interfacing with other IT solutions when deploying AS-Lingo.” At the core of ASK’s competitive edge over its contemporaries are the company’s fast response time, their ability to streamline financial processes across multiple geographies, and continuous delivery.

Looking ahead, ASK has plans to incorporate business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into its solution. By leveraging its strong and longstanding partnership with IBM, the company is currently developing machine learning algorithms; for example, to increase the hit ratio on recognizing incoming invoices. Concurrently, ASK is also working on delivering a responsive mobile UI.

For the ASK team, their primary drive is to assist clients in automating the processing of their payables and receivables and delivering a high degree of scalability and compliance for future endeavors. To conclude, Keller reiterates ASK’s core principle, “We offer simple and fast implementation, flexible adaptation, enormous scalability, and worldwide access to allow clients to spend more time planning the future of their businesses.”