Objectif Lune: For Smart Accounts Receivable Processes

Objectif Lune: For Smart Accounts Receivable Processes

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Colin Casey, Chief Product Officer, Objectif LuneColin Casey, Chief Product Officer
Despite the rallying cry for businesses to embrace digital transformation, a recent report revealed that 90 percent of invoices across the world are still processed manually—either via paper or electronically. This is principally because SMBs can’t afford to overhaul their entire ERP systems, uproot business processes, and abandon legacy systems at the drop of a hat. Those midsized organisations can now call upon Objectif Lune, an accounts receivable (AR) solution provider headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

Since its core technology—represented in three business process automation products titled PlanetPress Connect, PReS Connect and CaptureOnTheGo—acts a middleware, Objectif Lune helps organisations benefit from enterprise-wide automation without changing their legacy systems. “By taking a legacy stream and adding digital transformation, communication, and automation technology, we transition companies, who are still doing AR and AP manually, into the digital world. Our technology allows us to capture legacy data in any format, recompose the data for any web or mobile device and/or printer format, and effectively distribute the data in any way the customer sees fit,” explains Colin Casey, the chief product officer at Objectif Lune. For over 25 years, Objectif Lune has optimised the AR processes for clients by reducing paperwork and enhancing the quality of transactional documents—be it a simple invoice or a delivery note. However, the influx of modern web technologies has paved the way for Objectif Lune to reinvent its solutions.

To put it succinctly, the workflow/automation component of the Objectif Lune software suite acts as a traffic cop capable of capturing data from any system under the sun. After capturing the data via a simple print stream, the Objectif Lune technology recomposes the data to fit a client’s preferred choice of device. The automation software is also capable of embedding hyperlinks that a client may want to promote through an AR document.

Our technology allows us to capture legacy data in any format, recompose the data for any web or mobile device and/or printer format, and effectively distribute the data in any way the customer sees fit

While admitting that “every customer wants something different,” Team Objectif Lune works closely with its partners to integrate a different flavour of automation instead of providing inflexible software. “We have heard of companies taking two months just to a change a logo on their systems, after being acquired by a parent firm. We can change their logo within minutes since our solution requires very little IT integration,” adds Casey. Objectif Lune believes its biggest value-add is imparting nonintrusive technology that extends functionalities of legacy systems, not to mention the software’s capability to integrate with any mass-market ERP system.

The impeccable benefits of PReS Connect are best illustrated in a customer success story involving a beverage wholesaler based in Wisconsin. Despite distributing its products to 11 countries and 20 point of sale systems across the States, the wholesaler didn’t own an electronic system to receive requests trickling in from various outlets. Operating with an archaic billing and invoicing process, each outlet had to manually jot down order details with a pad and pen. Therefore, they were swarmed with duplicate orders from different branches and couldn’t approve new orders. Also, they had to manually approve and re-enter the order details into the ERP system. By implementing PReS Connect, Objectif Lune digitised the invoice approval process, and eliminated duplications; every outgoing invoice was recorded and available on both print screen and PDF. Today, every document of the beverage company can be digitally tracked and approved.

A bright future awaits Objectif Lune as the organisation shifts its focus to the supply chain aspect of its business. On that front, Casey’s team has created cloud-based demos that prospective clients can leverage to maximise the visibility of Objectif Lune’s software solutions. “Pre-packaging our demos means we’ve reached more customers with the same resources. Our goal right now is to introduce our technology in a packaged approach,” concludes Casey.

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